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Anthony Canavan

Anthony Canavan, Sr. was a native of Ireland, his birth occurring in County Mayo in 1822. He was one o f a family of eleven children born to Anthony and Catherine Kirby (“Kittie”) Canavan.

Bowe Family Trees

Gus and Julia Bowe Tree Gus, John, Julia and Julie Ann Bowe Apartment 4D 1947 Your Content Goes Here Mary & Bill Bowe [...]

1997 Hamster Heaven Home

Editor's Note. At his grandparents home in Springfield, Illinois, Pat Bowe puts together a multi-story McMansion for his newly arrived hamster. After thinking about [...]

The Generations

Editor's Note: In 1959 my aunt Julia Lecour Bowe published The Generations, a scholarly history of her French Pallissard ancestors. She recorded their French [...]

The Families

Editor's Note. In 1970 my mother Mary Gwinn Bowe published 500 copies of The Families, her book of family stories and genealogy. It was [...]

2021 Old Chicago

Editor's Note: Here is a collection of photos and postcards of a now lost Chicago. They date from 1867. It begins with a 1945 Chicago [...]