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John Edward Bowe was born December 15, 1929, in Chicago, Illinois. He was the son of Augustine Joseph Bowe and Julia Leonie Lecour.

John Edward married Katherine Pargellis on Saturday, August 6, 1955, in Cape Porpoise, ME. Katherine Pargellis was born in Massachusetts in 1931. She is the daughter of Stanley and Elizabeth (Betty) Allen Pargellis.

John Edward died in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, on June 9, 1997, at the age of 67. Katherine Pargellis died in Evanston, Illinois February 5, 2016. John and Kathie Bowe had four sons: Anthony, Alexander, Charles and Robert.

Anthony Canavan Bowe, known as Tony, was born February 11, 1957.

Alexander John Bowe, known as Sandy, was born July 26, 1959.

Charles Augustine Bowe, known as Charley, was born June 1, 1965, and

Robert Stanley Bowe, known as Rob, was born October 20, 1966.

Anthony Canavan Bowe married Nancy Board and they had three children.

Katherine Mary was born October 10, 1989.

Augustine John Bowe was born March 11, 1991.

Nicholas Philips Bowe was born June 2, 1995. Katherin10/10/89

Alexander John Bowe was born on Sunday, July 26, 1959.

He and his spouse Candida Tea have two children:

Melissa Behrens Bowe, and

James Alexander Bowe.

Charles Augustine Bowe married June Leftwich in Kennebunkport, ME in 1994.

They have two daughters: Alice and Julia Claire.

Alice Bowe was born in 2000.

Julia Claire Bowe was born in Chicago, Illinois, December 5, 2005.

Robert Stanley Bowe married Daisy Janeway in 2001 in Cape Porpoise, Maine. They have two daughters: Mary Struthers (Molly) and Elizabeth Allen (Eliza).

Molly Bowe was born on July 30, 2004,

Eliza Bowe on July 27, 2006.