In the center of this slide you see Mabel’s daughter Julia Lecour. Julia married my uncle, Augustine Bowe in 1927. Gus, as he was known, was Julia’s cousin once removed, being the son of Anthony Canavan, Sr. and Ann Hughes’s daughter Ellen Frances Canavan Bowe. Ellen has the green tag on the upper right here. Note that Julia has both a green and blue tag, signifying here connection to both Mabel Canavan Lecour and Ellen Canavan Bowe.

Thus, Mable Canavan Lecour and her sister, my grandmother Ellen Canavan Bowe, are the source of the double Canavan connections with the Lecour and Bowe families.

The union of Gus and Julia Lecour Bowe later gave rise to many more Bowes and Thompsons. You can see the other Bowe families of Gus and Julia Lecour Bowe on the left, and the Thompson family in the center. My Bowe family is on the right.

The De Rosa family on the right came along when my brother Richard Bowe married Ann Fauble and their daughter Alexandra married James De Rosa

Later thanks to my mother’s sisters, Martha and Nancy Gwinn, you’ll see that the Caseys, Danielaks, Ribouds, de la Chapelles, Lacombes, Kuhns and Corderoc’hs were roped into this particular part of our extended Canavan family