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And following many of the family trees are detailed research notes recording the particular of an individual’s or family’s history. It’s everything from census records, to ship manifests, to passport records, to personal recollections and estate records. For example, here’s what’s related to Anthony Canavan, Sr. alone:

Anthony Canavan Sr. was born in 1822 in Mayo, Leitrim, Ireland. He was the son of Anthony Canavan and Catherine Kirby.

Anthony died at Age: 70, Age: 71 in Sumner Township, Kankakee County, Illinois, USA, on March 06, 1890, at the age of 68. He was buried in Manteno, IL. [Editor’s Note: Take your pick on his year of birth. It’s listed variously between 1818 and 1822.]

Anthony Canavan Sr.

Date of marriage came from database of church records at South Mayo Family Research Centre. They noted that the sponsors at the marriage were James Hughes and Ann Canavan.

1850 US Census (29 July). Household in Philadelphia. Anthony (32 Ireland) is a laborer. Ann (32 Ireland) unable to read and write. James (9 Ireland). John (7 Ireland) has attended school during the year.

Anthony (5 Ireland). Augusta (1/12 PA) female.

Family Search death record. 19 Apr 1856 in Philadelphia a male child Conavan died at 2 years of age. Father Anthony Conavan. Buried Cathedral Cemetery.

1860 US Census (28 June). Household in Ganeer, Kankakee IL (Post Office–Momence). A Canavan (42 Ireland) farmer, value of real

estate–no entry, value of personal estate–$400. Ann (42 Ireland) wife. James (18 Ire). John (16 Ire). Anthony (14 Ire). Mary (12 Ire).

Austin (10 PA). Patrick (8 PA). Thomas (3 PA). Catherine (1 IL). The next entry is A. Canavan (36 Ire) farmer, value of real estate $5,000, value of personal estate–$800. Mary A. Canavan (35 VT) wife.

Mariette Morse (7 IL). Catherine Canavan (70 Ire) widow.

Mary Gwinn Bowe’s family tree shows a Thomas born (who died in infancy) before the surviving Thomas was born.

1870 US census (28 Jun). Household in Sumner, Kankakee, Illinois (Post office–Manteno). Anthony Cannavan (50 Ireland). Value of real estate $14,400, value of personal estate $5,000. Ann (47 Ireland).

Augustus (20 PA). Patrick (17 PA). Thomas (14 PA). Cady (12 IL). Edward (10 IL). Marguerite (8 IL). Frank Goron (18 Canada) and Eliza Goron (16 Canada) are servants living in the home.

1880 US census (11 June). Household in Sumner, Kankakee IL. Anthony Canavan (60 Ire, parents Ire) farmer. Ann (60 Ire, parents Ire) housekeeper. Thomas (22 PA) farmer. Katie (20 IL) housekeeper. Nellie (18 IL) housekeeper. Maggie (16 IL) at school. Two farm laborers in household. Enumerator misspelled names.

In the 1870 and 1880 censuses, there are two Hughes’ residences close to the Canavans. Information listed here for possible future connection.

1870 US census (28 June). Households in Sumner, Kankakee IL. Thos Hughes (41 Ire) farmer, real estate $4k, personal $1200. Julia (36 Ire) Keeping house. Mary (10 IL). Honora (9 IL). Catherine (5 IL). Ed

Fitzpatrick (19 Ire) working on farm. Next household Thos Hughes (50 Ire) farmer, real estate $4k, personal $750. Mary (45 Ire) keeping house. Joseph (7 IL). Thos (4 IL).

1880 US census (8 June). Household in Sumner. Thomas Hughes (52 Ire, parents Ire) farmer. Julia (45 Ire, parents Ire). Mary A. (21 IL). Nora (19 IL). Kattie (15 IL). Michael (9 IL). John (7 IL). Nearby on 11 June, Mary Hughes (58 Ire, parents Ire) widow. Joseph (18 IL, parents Ire) farmer. Thomas (13 IL) at school.

Rick Rittgers supplied a copy of Anthony’s will which is dated Feb. 24, 1890. According to Helene Flaherty in interview by Thomas Johnson, Anthony Canavan’s will was drawn up by his son, Gus Canavan.

A source for some information was Julie Lecour Bowe on Rootsweb. List of children might include an Ann between Thomas and Catherine. Date of marriage came from database of church records at South Mayo

Family Research Centre. May 24, 1840 Crossboyne Parish. Witnesses at the marriage were James Hughes and Ann Canavan.

Family Search death record (Cook County Deaths). Anthony Canavan Sr. d. 6 Mar 1890 in Chicago at age 70 (b. abt 1820 in Co Mayo). Died at 4512 Indiana Ave after being sick for 5 weeks. Farmer. Buried Sumner, Kankakee IL. 33 yr resident of IL.

Note from Rick Rittgers: From gravestone in Manteno IL. ANTHONY CANAVAN SR

1819 – 1890

ANN CANAVAN 1818 – 1899

According to Helene Flaherty in interview by Thomas Johnson, Anthony Canavan paid a “bounty” of $200 each to keep sons James and John out of the military during the Civil War.

Anthony married Ann Hughes on Sunday, May 24, 1840, in Crossboyne Parish, Mayo, Ireland.

Ann Hughes

They had thirteen children: James, John, Anthony, Mary, Augusta, Austin, Patrick, Thomas, Thomas, Catherine, Edward, Ellen and Margaret.

Ann was born in Curraghadooey, near Claremorris, County Mayo, in 1818.[1] She was the daughter of Margaret Leach.

Ann reached 81 years of age and died in USA in 1899. She was buried in Manteno, IL.

More facts and events for Ann Hughes:

Residence: 1870

Sumner, Kankakee, Illinois, USA[1] Residence Post Office: Manteno

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