William John Bowe, Jr. Materials

2021-05-02 Hamlin Garland – “Veritist” Writer of the Middle Borders by Laura Ferri (Introduction by William J. Bowe, Jr.)

2021-01-21 Tony Bowe interviews Bill Bowe about Tony’s Grandparents, Augustine Joseph Bowe and Julia Lecour Bowe

2019-10-12 Eulogy of Richard Gwinn Bowe by his brother, William John Bowe, Jr.

2014-05-09 A Nickel Tour of Encyclopaedia Britannica’s History in a Chicago Landmark and Curriculum Vitae, of William John Bowe, Jr. at Retirement

2012-09-12 Transmittal of Julia and Gus to the Poetry Foundation by William John Bowe, Jr.

2011 Preface to Julia & Gus, by William John Bowe, Jr.

2011-2020 Joseph Hart Correspondence with William Bowe, Jr. (Canavan Genealogy)

1983 William J. Bowe, Jr.’s Editor’s Note to Jacques Riboud’s The Horse War

1980 Letter from William John Bowe, Jr. to James Hart, DePaul College of Commerce Dean

1974-04-09 Testimony of William J. Bowe, Jr. Before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Military Surveillance of Civilians

Points of Interest: Travel Hither & Yon

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