Editor’s NoteBeth Hanley Dunn represented the entire Hanley Family, including her brother John Hanley.  In a reminder that the pandemic has some lingering effects as the country tries to get back up on its feet, John had intended to fly to Chicago from Washington, D.D. for the birthday party, but never made it.  He emailed me the next day, “I bought a ticket to Chicago to join you.  I literally could not get on three consecutive flights to O’Hare due to a variety TSA staff shortages, and weather-related cancellations.”  Beth remembered how much her mother Kay Hanley enjoyed the family get togethers at Christmas, and how much she herself has appreciated the family website the lockdown helped bring us.  From my point of view, the Canavan Family Reunion that fortuitously fell between the Delta and Omicron virus variants would never have been the success it was without the effort of my First Deputy Organizer Extraordinaire, Beth Hanley!