Editor’s Note: I know both architect Walker Johnson as well as his architect son Ben from The Cliff Dwellers club. Walker is a past president of the Club and Ben currently was chosen President in 2023. Both joined me at my 80th Birthday Party, when Walker made these remarks.  When not looking after the best interests of the small arts club, they have worked at the top of their profession. Walker specialized in helping restore architectural landmarks. Ben Johnson has literally been working at the top of his profession. As Project Manager at Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill Architecture, he has organized and led the design and technical team effort for international projects such as Greenland Chengdu Tower in Chengdu, China, the Wuhan Greenland Center, a 606-meter tall tower that will be the world’s fourth tallest building when completed, and Burj 2020, a 700-meter tower now being designed for Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Particularly endearing to me is Walker’s decision not to engage my assistance in trying to sell his long out of date Encyclopaedia Britannica print set.