Mary Gwinn Bowe Photos

As happened not infrequently in those days, when Mary Gwinn Bowe entered the world in Baltimore, Maryland in 1901, her mother, Mary Roche Gwinn, left it. Her father, Richard Gwinn, Jr. immediately turned to his mother, Elizabeth Burns Gwinn, for needed help.  So, until Mary headed off to Trinity College in 1919, Mary’s surrogate mother, always called “Mamma,” raised  her in the summers in Deal New Jersey during the rest of the year in Washington, D.C.   In 1907 Richard Gwinn remarried and Elizabeth Tack Gwinn became Mary’s stepmother.  Mary’s family life was quickly enriched with the arrival of her three half-sisters, Betty, Martha and Nancy.  The photographs from this period show Mary visiting her newly expanded family at 1809 Dixon Hill Road in the Mt. Washington section of Baltimore.  Seen with Mary on the porch of the Gwinn family home are Richard Gwinn’s mother (“Mamma”), his sister Elizabeth Rose (“Bessie”), younger brother Tom, and daughters Betty, Martha and Nancy.