Bill Hasbrouck was a Past-President of The Cliff Dwellers who advocated for, and presided over, admission of women to the club. He was also the architect of the award winning renovation of the space above Orchestra Hall that the club occupied until 1996.

From the time that he joined the club in 1964, until his heath began to fail, he was a regular at the Cliff Dwellers member’s table, sharing conversation and comradery with his friends and fellow members. His last night out, before his death on February 10, 2018, was at The Cliff Dwellers annual meeting in January of 2018 – his 53rd consecutive annual meeting.

In this video his friends, family members and fellow Cliff Dwellers recall his many achievements, as an early member of the architectural preservation movement, a prominent restoration architect, a Fellow in the American Institute of Architects, an art collector, an author, a publisher, a teacher and a Cliff Dweller.

Those speaking included, Charles Hasbrouck, Bill Drennan (reading a letter from Eve Moran), Bill Bowe, Scott Elliot, Anne Sullivan, Bill Tyre, Mike Jackson, Judy Hasbrouck, John Hasbrouck and Tim Samuelson.