Editor’s Note: Photos in the Things galleries are always located in particular places, and often have people in and around them, but the main show is always the many of a kind items found in the gallery title. Thus, the Things galleries are a catchall for photos that focus less on people and places and more on generic items of interest. Think bridges, churches, ruins, temples, forts and the like.

As with the People and Places galleries, my goal in taking these pictures was more to capture a kaleidoscope of interesting singularities than to produce a perfectly composed, colored and cropped photograph. Also, as with the People and Places galleries, you’re in for lots of visual variations of a favorite photographic target. Prominent among these is the Millennium Park gallery found in the Parks folder.

The construction of the high rise office building at 300 North LaSalle Street was another favorite subject I followed closely from all angles. Its oeuvre was sufficiently copious and distinct that I separated it from its natural fit in the Places gallery of EB Near 310 S Michigan and 325 N LaSalle. Pictures in the 300 North LaSalle Street Construction gallery follow the construction project from demolition of the City of Chicago’s garage once on the site to the later glory of a stunning 57-story office tower. The building conveniently rose across the street from Britannica after its move from 310 South Michigan to its new global headquarters at 325 North LaSalle (now 331).

Seeing the nearby images of ironworkers doing daily, death-defying, tightrope walking work on the job drew my camera’s attention like a magnet.

Mississippi River Bridge

A sample of the galleries you will find here include

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