Editor’s Note: Our progenitor Anthony Canavan, Sr.  was born in Ireland in 1822 to his namesake father Anthony Canavan and his mother Catherine (Kitty) Kirby. Because the son Anthony Canavan, Sr. and his wife Ann Hughes emigrated to the U.S., were a successful farm family and raised an enormous flock of offspring, it is this second Anthony that we know a lot about. Therefore he is our progenitor of choice among all the Canavans. Notwithstanding being named after his father, his Kankakee County, Illinois obituary in 1890 denoted him with the Senior suffix. Who am I to quibble about whether he really was a Junior.

Less than a handful of Ann Hughes and Anthony Canavan, Sr.’s offspring were needed to connect to the vast crowd of Canavan descendants found on this website.

Their oldest child, James Anthony Canavan was born in 1845 and died in 1912.  He married Julia Kingsley in 1866.  She was born in 1846 and died in 1892. James and Julia Canavan had 12 children.

Their third child was Mabel Canavan.