Bill Bowe Shares Unwanted Fake News on the Pandemic

For the first time since the Spanish Flu of 1919, The Cliff Dwellers in 2021 held its 114th Annual Meeting of Members in the middle of a full-blown pandemic. Appropriate to the technology of the day, the members turned up thanks to Zoom. Bill Bowe, a former Club President and past emcee of the meeting welcomed members by inflicting on them questionable stories of his incarceration during the pandemic. With no apparent sense of shame, he spoke of dealing poorly with oddball relatives, marital stress, anger management, hygiene protocols, herd immunity, Gucci facemasks, social distancing for lepers, mob seizure of the Capitol Building and vaccine options for the man who has everything. All in all, many in the crowd felt it was way TMI and were relieved when the business meeting began.