Julia Bowe and Burt Lancaster

2012-09-12 Transmittal of Julia and Gus to the Poetry Foundation (by William John Bowe, Jr.)

2011 Preface to Julia & Gus, by William John Bowe, Jr.

2011 Julia & Gus Acknowledgements, Charles Augustine Bowe

2011 Julia & Gus, Memoirs of Julia Lecour Bowe (Table of Contents links)

1994-03-01 History of the Lynch & Casey Families by Patricia Lynch Heffron

1986-11-16 Julia Bowe, A Savior of Poetry Magazine (Chicago Tribune Obituary)

1971-12-03 Invitation of Julia Bowe and Others to W.H. Auden Program of Modern Poetry Association

1970 The Families by Mary Gwinn Bowe (Table of Contents Links)

1967-07-24 Illinois Governor Otto Kerner Appoints Julia Bowe to the Illinois Arts Council

1960 Magic World of Yesterday, Mrs. Augustine Bowe Spins a Bedtime Tale for Her Grandchildren (Chicago’s American Article with Photo)

1959 The Generations, Julia Lecour Bowe (Table of Contents links)