Son of Moses Bowe

Children of Moses Bowe (1833-1912) and Honora Hurley (-1910)

John Joseph Bowe and his sister Agnes Bowe Rice

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The Generations

Families Related to Moses Bowe

–from the Anthony Canavan and Ann Hughes Tree

Bowe, Burg, Cain, Canavan, Casey, Danielak, De Rosa, Dunn, Dwyer, Freborg, Gomez, Grubert, Gwinn, Hanley, Hart, Hect, Heffron, Lecour, Lynch, McPherson, Meyer, Parish, Pleil, Reyes, Roche, Romano, Skura, Sundstrom, Swanson, Tack, Terpstra, Thompson, Truskey, Turner, Walters, Vanselow, Wernstedt and Williams

Editor’s Note: If your family is listed above as related to Moses Bowe its because you have a Canavan ancestor. I do too. You see, the first Anthony Canavan we know about married Catherine (Kitty) Kirby. Their son, named Anthony Canavan, Sr. in his 1890 obituary and here, married Ann Hughes. A daughter of theirs, Ellen Canavan (one of their 12 children surviving into adulthood) married John Joseph Bowe, my paternal grandfather. His father was Moses Bowe, my great grandfather and our Bowe progenitor. Easy peasy, right?

I have no picture of Moses Bowe, but you can see his son and daughter John Joseph Bowe and Agnes Bowe (Rice) in this picture on the left. As my mother noted below, Moses was reportedly big and strong and given to fisticuffs.

Mary Gwinn Bowe‘s account of the Bowe family in her genealogy book, The Families has this to say about Moses:

“Moses Bowe had married Honora Hurley who came from near the Lakes of Killarney. He had travelled alone from Wexford, an orphan at the age of eleven, when an uncle sent for him to come to the United States. He ran away and worked on the Erie Canal and later on the Illinois Central Railway. He was very big and strong and is said to have had a fist fight with a cook who refused to wash his hands before getting their breakfast. He married Honora Hurley in Monee, Illinois which had a boarding house for the men who were working on the railroad. Her brother Patrick had came to this country from Ireland, fought in the Civil War and after only a few weeks was killed at Chickamauga. With the bounty money, Honora and Moses bought a farm.”

Moses Bowe’s Arrival

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