Jacques Nancy Children-

Editor’s Note: The Riboud family is linked to the Bowe, Casey and Lynch families through my aunt, Chesley Nancy Ann Gwinn Riboud, always known as Nancy. She created this bond by marrying the son of our progenitor Paul Riboud in 1933.

Nancy Gwinn’s mariage to Jacques Marcel Riboud brought about he other family relationships because Nancy was the sister of Mary Gwinn and Martha Gwinn. Mary Gwinn had married my father, William John Bowe, Sr. in 1928. Martha Gwinn later married John Dominic Casey in 1941.

With John Casey’s sister, Mary Catherine Casey, married to Patrick Columbus Lynch. the Nancy Gwinn Riboud connections to the Bowe, Casey and Lynch families was set. The Gwinn sisters left to right:

PHOTO: Martha Gwinn Casey, Nancy Gwinn Riboud, Mary Gwinn Bowe

Our progenitor Paul Riboud was born in 1872. He worked as a Directeur de la Cie des Chemins de Fer de l’Est. (Roughly translated that means he knew how to run a railroad.) Paul Riboud died in 1972 at the age of 100.

Paul married Louise Paris in 1899. They had three children: Yvonne, Jacques and Nicole.

Louise Paris was born in 1876. She was the daughter of Louis Paris and Alice Esclavard. Louise reached 80 years of age and died in 1956.

Their daughter Nicole Riboud was born in Troyes, France on March 3, 1910. She died in Chindrieux, France on October 4, 1942, at the age of 32.

Their daughter Yvonne Riboud was born in Soissons, France on May 18, 1905. Yvonne married Louis Noel Latour in 1925. They had eight children: Marie, Mireille, Louis, Dominique, Pucette, Beulo, Jean-Franois and Bruno. Louis Nol was born in 1903. He worked as a Negociant en vins. Louis Nol reached 79 years of age and died in 1982.