On February 11, 1961 in City Hall Augustine J. Bowe is congratulated by Mayor Richard J. Daley and Richard Nelson as he is inaugurated as Chief Justice of the Municipal Court
Chief Justice Augustine J. Bowe

       Sen Paul Douglas (D. IL), Augustine J. Bowe            & Gov. Adlai Stevenson
Gus, John, Julia and Julie Ann Bowe
1966 Augustine J. Bowe Remembered at 127 S. Dearborn

1966 Augustine J. Bowe remembered by the restaurant in the 1892 Unity Building at 127 North Dearborn Street.  Bowe & Bowe had their law offices there from the 1910s to the 1950s.

2021-04-01 Honesty in Kindness, The Poet, Presiding Judge Augustine J. Bowe, revised and reformatted 2021 Chicago Lawyer article by Justice Michael B. Hyman (with picture of Judge Bowe substituted for the author’s)

2021-04-01 Honesty in Kindness, The Poet, Presiding Judge Augustine J. Bowe, original article by Justice Michael B. Hyman published in the April-May 2021 issue of Chicago Lawyer

2021-01-21 Tony Bowe interviews Bill Bowe about Tony’s Grandparents, Augustine Joseph Bowe and Julia Lecour Bowe

2019-06-01 Augustine J. Bowe in Law School Course  James R. Elkins, Retired Law Professor, West Virginia University

2012-09-12 Transmittal of Julia and Gus to the Poetry Foundation (by William John Bowe, Jr.)

2011 Preface to Julia & Gus, by William John Bowe, Jr.

2011 Julia & Gus Acknowledgements, Charles Augustine Bowe

2011 Julia & Gus, Memoirs of Julia Lecour Bowe (Table of Contents links)

2011-12-01 Profile of Judge George Leighton – Friend & Pallbearer of Augustine J Bowe (Chicago Lawyer Article)

2011-01-08 Augustine Bowe Archive Index (Newberry Library)

1995-07-01 The Demolition of Louis Sullivan’s 1892 Garrick Theater (Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society)

1994-03-01 History of the Canavan, Lynch, Casey, Gwinn & Bowe Families by Patricia Lynch Heffron

1975-05-01 Chicago Commission on Human Relations Newsletter

1970-12-31 A Note on the Brothers Bowe from The Families, by Mary Gwinn Bowe

1970 The Families by Mary Gwinn Bowe (Table of Contents Links)

1967-05-21 Augustine Bowe Poet (by Frederick Nims in the Chicago Tribune Magazine)

1966-02-06 Augustine J Bowe Mass Card with Teilhard de Chardin and His Own Poems

1966 Augustine J. Bowe Obituaries: Poetry Journal Co-Founder, Civic Leader, Dead — A Judge Who Spoke His Mind (NY Times & Mike Royko in the Chicago Daily News)

1966-02-07  “Judge Bowe Dies at 73” and “Judge Bowe, 73, Dies During a Walk” (Chicago Tribune Articles with Pictures, Page 1)

1965-12-30 Letters of Condolence to Augustine J Bowe on his brother William J. Bowe, Sr.’s Death (from Mayor Daley and 5th Ward Ald. Leon Depres)

1965-12-25 Judge Augustine J Bowe and Julia Bowe Christmas Card

1965-10-04 Six Women Judges (Chicago Daily News (Augustine Bowe Quoted)

1965-08-02 Judge Augustine J Bowe Opens Civic Center Courts after Move (Chicago Daily News)

1958-02-23 Augustine Bowe – Chairman Chicago Commission on Human Relations (Chicago Sun Times Picture)

1957-06-25 Congressman Sydney Yates writes to Gus and Julia Bowe (after Chicago’s American Newspaper Profile)

1957-06-14 Frank Stenson to Gus and Julia Bowe (after Chicago American Profile Article)

1957-06-13 Mayor Richard Daley to Gus Bowe after Chicago American Profile Article

1957-06-12 Julia and Gus Bowe Profiled in Hearst Newspaper Chicago’s American

1954-08-13 Augustine J Bowe Leads Panel on School Desegregation of Loyola Law School

1952-1927 A Typical Illinois Supreme Court Case Argued by Bowe & Bowe

1947-01-01 Augustine J Bowe and Catholic Interracial Council (Edward Marciniak Article – Opportunity Vols. 25-27)