In June, 2003, Andy and Bill Bowe travelled by way of London to the game parks of Kenya and Tanzania.  The London stopover let Andy visit Bush House, the headquarters of the British Broadcasting Corporation, and the London Transport Museum.  As a ham radio and rail fan, these were bucket list stops for Andy.  After a brief visit to the Nairobi National Zoo just outside the capital, it was off for a week’s tour of the game preserves throughout Kenya and Tanzania.  The open-roofed Toyota Land Rover they rode in provided a good platform for videos and photos of the plentiful wildlife.  The Amboseli Game Preserve south of Nairobi had extraordinary views of Mount Kilimanjaro on the Tanzanian border.  After driving further south into Tanzania, and through its city of Arusha, Andy and Bill spent time observing the wildlife in Tanzania’s Lake Mayanara preserve.  Most of their week on tour was spent on the Serengeti Plain, which which spans both northern Tanzania and southern Kenya.  After further stops at Lake Nakaru and Treetops in Kenya, they retraced their route south, stopping at the breathtaking Ngorongoro Crater and Olduvai Gorge, where Mary and Louis Leakey excavated early fossils of mankind’s development.  Then it was a fast return through Arusha again for their flights back to Chicago from Nairobi.