Editor’s Note: Between 1983, when Andy Bowe was three, to 2002, when he was 22 and his bother Pat was 17, they both hit a lot of amusement parks in the company of their mother Cathy and me. In the early years, Andy and Pat’s grandparents, Harold (Bus) and Bernice Vanselow joined our expeditions. Others who came along for the ride, so to speak, included Andy and Pat’s cousin Emily Casey (Danielak), and our neighbors’ children, Kara Anderson, Phoebe Amberg, and Laurel and Nathan Dusek. This video is taken from a DVD I made for Andy in the early 2000s from photos I had taken on our many amusement park trips. Recently remastered, this video has Oscar Peterson playing Fascinatin’ Rythym in the background.