The Cliff Dwellers 116th Annual Members Meeting

Editor’s Note: Another January after 1907 rolled around and after 116 First Mondays after the Twelfth Night, the Annual Meeting of Members of The Cliff Dwellers took place in 2023 for the last time. In an upending of life as they knew it, the end of this meeting date came as a result of the members amending the Club’s bylaws. Henceforth, all the members will gather for their Annual Meeting on the Second Tuesday of October each year.

Former President Bill Bowe kicked off the meeting with a lighthearted take its usual raucous nature, the impact of the Coronavirus, and departing member Deirdre McCloskey. He was followed by President Carla Funk’s State of the Club report and the reports of other Club Committee Chairs. The evening closed with a remembrance of Club member Dieter Kober, leader for 61 years of the Chicago Chamber Orchestra, and the traditional off-key singing of the Club’s anthem, “Zivio!”