Canavan Family Reunion 2021

My operating definition of the extended Canavan family was and is quite simple. You are part of the extended Canavan Family if you are a descendant of Anthony Canavan and his wife Catherine Kirby or their son, Anthony Canavan, Sr. You are also included if anyone in your extended family once married a Canavan descendant. Being in both categories myself, the definition seems a suitable one. The definition of the extended Canavan Family might seem large to some, but it feels just right to me.

With these organizing principles in mind for the website, it didn’t take long after its creation for interest to build in the possibility of holding an in-person Canavan-based reunion once the ravages of the COVID-19 virus abated. And indeed, in spite of the residual anxiety arising from the virus’s lingering Delta variant strain, the Canavan Family Reunion in Chicago in 2021 attracted over 80 people to its events. By all accounts it was a smashing success.

Editor’s Note: The video is the complete talk given at the Canavan Family Reunion dinner on September 25, 2021. Note the blue dots on the bottom and the icon of parallel bars in the lower right corner of the video. Clicking on any of these reveals the chapter headings of the 23-minute video and that let’s you jump to any part of the video that you may have a particular interest in.

A Weekend in Photos

Boat Tour
Cliff Dwellers
Botanic Garden
Open House

Featured Reunion: 1988 A Day at the beach

Kathie, John, Rob and Charley Bowe hosted a June 1988 Day at the Beach for the Caseys, Hanleys, Heffrons, Lynches, Thompsons and other Bowes. From the looks of it, it was a great family get-together. The “Cumpy” beach cottage produced many great memories over the years until Rob Bowe and his brothers passed it along in 2020 to another lucky owner. Below are some of the pictures Rob Bowe posted recalling the past decades of family outings.

More family reunion videos

Chicago Botanic Garden

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1991 Bobby Gay and Jack Lynch’s 40th Wedding Anniversary Party, Cary, Illinois

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