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Editor’s Note: In 1987, I talked to my uncle, John Dominic Casey (1907-1989), about his Canavan family memories. He told me that his mother, Margaret Canavan was the last child born to Anthony Canavan and Ann Hughes. He recalled that when his grandparents Anthony Canavan and Ann Hughes emigrated from Ireland their sailing ship took over nine weeks to arrive in Baltimore. He said the family immediately travelled to Philadelphia where Anthony was very sick and hospitalized. His wife immediately found a job and supported the family until his recovery. Remembering the care given him, when he died in 1890, he left a bequest to the Philadelphia hospital that had saved an immigrant family from disaster. Anthony’s brother, Austin Canavan, had immigrated to America earlier and settled in Momence, Illinois, where he had begun farming. With land fertile and inexpensive, he urged Anthony to move west to join him.

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