Remarks, Reports, Clippings & Correspondence


2023-02-06 Rockets & Riots – Army Days (1968-1971) (William J. Bowe, Jr. Looks Back at a Tumultuous Time)

2021-05-02 Hamlin Garland – “Veritist” Writer of the Middle Borders by Laura Ferri (Introduction by William J. Bowe, Jr.)

2021-01-21 Tony Bowe interviews Bill Bowe about Tony’s Grandparents, Augustine Joseph Bowe and Julia Lecour Bowe

2019-10-12 Eulogy of Richard Gwinn Bowe by his brother, William John Bowe, Jr.

2014-05-09 A Nickel Tour of Encyclopaedia Britannica’s History in a Chicago Landmark (with William John Bowe, Jr.)

2012-09-12 Transmittal of Julia and Gus to the Poetry Foundation by William John Bowe, Jr.

2011 Preface to Julia & Gus, by William John Bowe, Jr.

2011-2020 Joseph Hart Correspondence with William Bowe, Jr. (Canavan Genealogy)

1989  Report of the International Piracy Project (WJB Participant) – Annenberg Foundation Program, Northwestern University

1983 William J. Bowe, Jr.’s Editor’s Note to Jacques Riboud’s The Horse War

1980 Letter from William John Bowe, Jr. to James Hart, DePaul College of Commerce Dean

1980-06-22 CLP-DOC Press Coverage of Brouhaha over WJB Leak of Mayor Byrne Transition Report (Tribune-Sun Times-NY Times-Lerner-Reader)

1980-06-27 CLP-DOC Article Noting WJB Role in Front Page Chicago Tribune Article on Byrne Transition Report (Chicago Reader)

1980-06-28 CLP-DOC WJB Picture in Article on His Role in Tribune Jane Byrne Transition Report Leak (Near North News)

1985-11-25 CLP-DOC WJB Quoted on UPI Reorganization (Time Magazine)

1974-04-10 Testimony of William J. Bowe, Jr. Before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Military Surveillance of Civilians

2022-01-10 SP WJB Remarks at the 115th Annual Meeting of The Cliff Dwellers (PowerPoint)

2022-01-09 SP WJB Remarks at the 115th Annual Members’ Meeting of The Cliff Dwellers

2021-09-25 SP WJB Remarks at Canavan Reunion – How We Are Related Program PowerPoint

2021-08-16 SP WJB Remarks at Canavan Family Reunion Dinner Program

2021-01-12 SP WJB Transcript of Interview with Anthony Canavan Bowe Regarding Augustine and Julia Bowe

2021-01-11 SP WJB Remarks at the 114th Annual Meeting of Members of The Cliff Dwellers

2021 05-17 SP WJB Remarks on Don Santelli, Augustine J. Bowe and New Bookcase)

2020-11-28 SP WJB Remarks to the Extended Family on the Launch of The Families Vol. 2 Website at

2019-10-12 SP WJB Remarks at The Cliff Dwellers Memorial Lunch for His Brother Richard Gwinn Bowe

2019-04-30 SP WJB Remarks on Encyclopaedia Britannica’s 100-Year Association with Chicago

2019-01-07 SP WJB Remarks at the 112th Annual Meeting of The Cliff Dwellers

2018-09-12 SP WJB Remarks Introducing Ed Gordon at The Cliff Dwellers

2016-07-01 SP WJB Remarks Quoted as MC of 20th Anniversary Move (The Cliff Dwellers News Letter)

2016-05-13 SP WJB Remarks at the 20th Anniversary of The Cliff Dwellers Move from Orchestra Hall (Symphony Center)

2016-05-01 SP WJB Remarks for The Cliff Dwellers Newsletter Interview

2015-09-30 SP WJB Remarks Noted in Program for the Celebration in Honor of Sculptor Richard Hunt’s 80th Birthday

2015-09-30 SP WJB Remarks at the Birthday Celebration of Sculptor Richard Hunt

2012-05-05 SP WJB Remarks at the Class of 1967 45th Reunion (The Racquet Club)

2011-06-29 SP WJB Remarks at Lincoln Celebration Honoring Roger Ebert (The Cliff Dwellers)

2010-05-25 SP WJB Remarks at Copyright Fair Use Seminar (Law Bulletin Seminars)

2010-04-28 SP WJB Remarks on Nomination of Beth Fulkerson to the Lawyers Club of Chicago

2006-01-19 SP WJB Remarks on The Britannica Software Patent 

2003-09-17 SP WJB Remarks on Copyright Basics (Chicago Bar Assn – Chicago, IL)

2003-06-13 SP WJB Remarks on Knowledge Management (Corporate Legal Times Super Conference)

2002-05-02 SP WJB Remarks at the 35th Law School Reunion of the Class of 1967 at The Racquet Club

2002-01-25 SP WJB Remarks on Stopping Piracy (American Intellectual Property Law Association – Phoenix, AZ)

2001-02-26 SP WJB Remarks on EB President Giora Romm Leaving and Follow Up Exchange (EB)

1999-05-04 SP WJB Remarks at the 70th Birthday of Former EB President Peter Norton (Carlton Club, Ritz Carlton Hotel)

1997-05-10 SP WJB Remarks at the Class of 1967 30th Law School Reunion Program (Fortnightly Club)

1996-05-09 SP WJB Remarks at the Annual Meeting of the International Anticounterfeiting Coalition (La Jolla, CA)

1995-04-25 SP WJB Remarks at the Annual Meeting of the International Anticounterfeiting Coalition (Orlando, FL)

1994-06-12 SP WJB Remarks at Ralph Heineman Memorial Service

1992-05-02 SP-HUM  WJB Remarks at the Class of 1967 25th Law School Reunion

1979-04-16 SP WJB Remarks at the Clarence Darrow Community Center Awards (Preston Bradley Hall, Chicago, IL)

1979-03-13 SP WJB Remarks at Clarence Darrow Memorial Service at Jackson Park (Chicago, IL)

1976-12-20 SP WJB Remarks on Death of Richard J Daley Written for William S Singer

1976-12-03 SP WJB Remarks on Elections Written for Mayoral Campaign of William S Singer (Sun Times)

1976-08-03 SP WJB Remarks before Ilinois Department of Local Govenment Affairs on Proposed Tax

1973-09-10 SP WJB Statement of Metropolitan Housing and Planning Council (Chicago Daily News Article)

1973-04-10 SP WJB Remarks on Military Surveillance before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee

1973-05-03 SP WJB Remarks on Lake Michigan Bill of Rights before Illinois House of Representatives Committee

1970-12-29 SP-HUM- WJB Remarks as Best Man at Marriage of Larry DuBois

1963-05-16 RPT Critique of Marina City (Yale History of Art Class)

1964-10-09 RPT WJB 1st Year Law School Notes on Stare Decisis et al.

1965-08-26 RPT Chicago Residences of Brothers Augustine Joseph Bowe and William John Bowe (List by Augustine and/or Julia Bowe)

1966-03-29 RPT Efficacy of Non-Statutory Solutions to Pollution in Southern Lake Michigan

1966-11-01 RPT ART The Model Lease (WJB Paper for U of C Law School Conference-Daily News-Tribune Articles)

1966-11-17 ART WJB Quoted in Model Lease Article (Chicago Daily News)

1967-11-17 RPT 13th Annual Poetry Day Program (Julia and William Bowe, Jr.)

1967-12-31 RPT AF of L Union 1940 Bartenders Drink Mixing Guide (Used as Late as 1967)

1968-04-08 RPT Security Clearance Paperwork

1968-05-13 RPT Bill Bowe in the US Army after Law School (with Pictures)

1968-06-15 RPT How to Open Locks without Keys or Picks (Locksmith Ledger)

1968-06-15 RPT Welcome to Fort Holabird in Baltimore Maryland

1968-08-05 RPT WJB Biography for US Army Intelligence School

1968-08-21 RPT-HUM WJB Skit Script Re Nixon and Others

1968-09-05 RPT Richard Bowe Human Relations Report on Lincoln and Grant Park Demonstrations

1968-09-06 COR WJB Exchange with Colonel Minor K Wilson former U.S. Army Director of Counterintelligence

1968-10-01 RPT-ART Regional Planning Versus Decentralized Land Use Controls (DePaul Law Review)

1968-10-01 (Reprint) Regional Planning Versus Decentralized Land Use Controls (DePaul Law Review)

1968-10-03 RPT Department of Defense Form 398 WJB – Personal History for Security Clearance

1968-11-08 RPT US Army Intelligence School Graduation Program (USAINTS)

1968-11-08 RPT WJB and Assignment from Intelligence School

1968-12-01 RPT WJB Residence at Americana Fairfax Apt Complex 4415 Briarwood CT Annandale VA

1968-12-13 RPT Invitation to 902nd Military Intelligence Group Fort McNair Christmas Party

1968-12-24 RPT Org Chart of the Army Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence

1968-12-31 ART-HUM The Great ConSPIROcy Law School Directory (Nixon-Agnew Humor on AP Photos)

1969-01-16 RPT-COR WJB Direct Commission MI Army Officer Training Course Options

1969-01-18 RPT Army Ops Center CI Analyst Assignment for Nixon Inauguration Protest Demonstrations

1969-01-23 RPT MFR 4-Year Service Committment if WJB Accepts Direct Commission as Officer

1969-04-28 RPT Appointment of WJB to 2nd Lieutenant Commission and CIAD Response

1969-05-01 RPT WJB Memo to Commanding General US 1st Army Declining Officer Commission in MI

1969-05-08 ART Liberation News Service Article on Army Spying

1969-06-09 RPT Arlington VA Blue Goose Building CIA International Communism Course Outline

1969-06-23 RPT-HUM WJB Script Re Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearings on ABM

1969-08-05 COR WJB Letter of Appreciation on National Security Study Memorandum 67 Input for President Nixon Tasking

1969-08-12 RPT-ITN Travel to NSA-Huntsville-NORAD-Kwajalein-Critical Nuclear Weapons Info Clearance

1969-12-16 RPT WJB Critical Nuclear Weapon Design Access Certificate

1969-08-12 RPT-ITN WJB Map for Trip to NORAD Briefing in Cheyenne Mountain Colorado

1969-08-13 RPT WJB Trip – Kwajalein Missile Range Entry Authorization Procedure

1969-08-27 RPT-ITN WJB Trip to Kwajalein Missile Range Map

1969-10-29 RPT NORAD Briefing for WJB on Cheyenne Mountain Mission and History

1969-11-19 RPT COR Letter of Appreciation to WJB Re Army Ops Center Briefings on Anti-War Demonstrations in DC

1969-11-21 RPT-HUM Counter-Intelligence Analysis Branch JAMIT Award Script

1969-12-03 RPT Army Chief of Staff William Westmoreland Memo to Officers after My Li Massacre

1969-12-12 RPT-HUM WJB JAMIT Award Presentation for Counterintelligence Analysis Division Skit

1969-12-31 RPT WJB Certificate of Achievement from Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence – Department of the Army

1970-07-01 RPT Army Analysis of 2nd Christopher Pyle Article on Surveillance

1970-08-19 RPT-COR Letter of for Civil Disturbance Study to WJB Re General Dewitt Clinton Armstrong III and DCDPO

1970-09-11 RPT WJB Superior Performance Army Pay Memo 

1970-10-16 RPT-COR Complimentary Note from Dep ACSI Brigadier General DeWitt Clinton Armstrong III and Memo Re WJB Civil Disturbance Estimate

1970-10-29 RPT US Army Military Arrest Powers Thesis

1970-12-01 RPT Mary Gwinn Bowe: History of the Latin School Parents Council

1971-02-11 RPT-HUM Humorous Takeoff of WJB Army Service (WJB Author)

1971-03-01 RPT-COR Letter of Commendation to WJB Re OACSI Special Task Force Responding to Congressional Queries

1971-03-15 RPT WJB Update of 1971-1975 Civil Disturbance Threat

1971-03-18 RPT Various WJB Army Discharge Papers

1971-04-15 RPT-COR Letter of Appreciation to WJB from Army Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence General J. A. McChristian

1971-04-15 RPT-HUM Skit with WJB Notes Re Colonel John Downie and Imaginary Senate Hearing

1971-05-12 RPT Meritorious Service Award of Secretary of the Army (Citation and supporting document for medal awarded for outstanding non-combat meritorious achievement or service to the United States)

1971-05-12 RPT WJB Certificate of Appreciation from President Richard Nixon

1971-06-01 SP WJB Domestic Intelligence Community Analysis and World War I Antecedents Chapter

1974-04-10 RPT The Civil Disturbance Threat (Exhibit to Testimony of WJB before the U.S. Senate, Committee on the Judiciary)

1976-08-01 RPT The Privacy Act of 1974 (Journal of Taxation)

1977-02-01 RPT Mary Gwinn Bowe History of the Latin School

1987-04-01 RPT WJB Membership Certificate American Society of Corporate Secretaries

1988-09-21 RPT WJB Williamson Co, TN Notary Public Certificate

1988-11-01 RPT WJB United Way Citation of Achievement

1989-03-29 RPT-COR Wuhan China Life and Tiananmen Square Civil Unrest (David Lynch Report in Family Correspondence)

1989-05-01 RPT Reflections on Yale, the Army, and Later Life (WJB 25th Reunio Cancel n Yale University Essay)

1998-06-09 RPT WJB and AMB Pass FCC Ham Radio Tests (North Shore Radio Club Transmitter)

2010-12-02 RPT Reflections on Life as a Lawyer (University of Chicago Alumni Directory)

1949-07-01 CLP Terry Randolph and Willie Bowe Compete in Horse Show (Chicago Sun-Times)

1965-08-02 CLP Judge Augustine J Bowe and Julia Welcome South Vietnam Jurist (Chicago Daily News-Picture)

1965-08-02 CLP Lybinh Hue-South Vietnam Supreme Court Judge VIsits Chicago

1965-04-09 CLP  Judge Augustine J Bowe Votes to Retain Judge Leighton (Chicago Tribune)

1966-02-01 CLP  Abolish Garnishment Laws (Chicago Sun Times Article Quoting Judge Augustine J. Bowe)

1965-10-04 CLP Six Women Judges (Chicago Daily News-Augustine J Bowe Quoted)

1966-02-07 CLP City Mourns Death of Judge Bowe 73 (Chicago Daily News-Julia and John Edward Bowe Picture)

1966-02-07 CLP Editorial on Augustine J. Bowe Death (Len OConnor-Channel 5)

1966-02-07 CLP Judge Bowe Dies at 73 (Chicago Tribune Front Page Article)

1966-02-08 CLP Augustine J. Bowe Death and Successors (Chicago s American-Daily News-Tribune)

1966-02-08 CLP Editorial on Augustine J. Bowe Death (Chicago Daily News)

1966-02-08 CLP Editorial on Augustine J. Bowe Death (Chicago Sun TImes)

1966-02-08 CLP Editorial on Augustine J. Bowe Death (Chicago s American)

1966-02-08 CLP Funeral Notices for AJ Bowe (Sun Times-Tribune-American-North Loop News)

1966-02-09 CLP Augustine J. Bowe – A Judge Who Spoke His Mind (Mike Royko-Chicago Daily News)

1966-02-09 CLP Augustine J. Bowe Obituary (New York Times)

1966-02-21 CLP Augustine J. Bowe Successors-Credit Beat (Chicago s American-Daily News-Sun Times)

1966-03-03 CLP Chicago City Council Tribute to Augustine J. Bowe

1966-03-18 RPT-CLP Augustine J. Bowe Funeral Acknowledgment Card

1966-05-14 CLP Article on Student Sit In at the U of C (New York Times)

1966-05-14 CLP Article on Student Sit In at the U of C (Sun Times Quoting WJB)

1966-05-14 CLP