The Full 80th Birthday Party Program

Editor’s Note: Thanks to my cousins Tony Bowe and Charley Bowe, and their wives Nancy Bowe and June Bowe, I got an unexpected sendoff into the decade of my 80s. For once viruses were not top of mind as family and a few long-standing friends made their way on June 22, 2022 to the non-surprise, surprise party at Wilmette Harbor. Drinks and dinner were served under the shadow of the nearby Bahai Temple, where the North Branch of the Chicago River meets Lake Michigan. No one seemed to have a bad time that I could see, and amid a few jokes at my expense, I even got the opportunity to thank family and friends for being such an important part of my life. It was a grand event, and one I was particularly happy to share with my wife Cathy Bowe, our sons Andy Bowe and Pat Bowe, and my late brother Richard Bowe‘s twins, Alex Bowe De Rosa and Anson Bowe.

My remarks concluded with some positive and negative aspects of my health at 80. On the plus side, I noted the continuing ability to mostly stand up straight, and the exceptional balance I exhibit either standing or sitting. On the downside of turning 80, I briefly commented on my weight, my diminishing olfactory sensors, and my short-term memory facility. The birthday celebration ended with my throwing my son Pat under the bus, and sharing my disappointment at the complete failure of my family and friends to keep a surprise birthday party a surprise.

Below you can see short videos of what people had to say at the event, and you can see the all the pictures in the party gallery here.