Editor’s Note: In the fall of 1964, with the war in Vietnam continuing to escalate, recent college graduates assembled in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood about to begin their first of three years of study at the University of Chicago Law School. They found their fellow students smarter than your average bears, and the law school faculty professors a brilliant and initially intimidating bunch. The school had recently moved into a new building on the south side of the Midway designed by noted architect Eero Saarinen. It had been opened in 1959 and it’s striking modern design was further enhanced with a reflecting pool and accompanying sculpture. Looking back, the three years went by quite quickly, but they were followed by regular reunions that brought back many in the Class of 1967 over the succeeding decades. With the Class’s 55th Reunion scheduled for spring 2022, it seemed the time was ripe for me to take a look back over these intervening years, pick through some of the pictures I’d taken, and put them in a slideshow to again make our exceptional classmates top of mind. I hope this will not only help us recall the classmates who will make it to the 55th Reunion,  but also will help fix in our memories those we have lost along the way. This 24-minute slideshow played during the Reunion dinners both at The Fortnightly of Chicago on April 29, 2022, and the next night at The Racquet Club.