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Remarks, Reports, Clippings & Correspondence   2023-02-06 Rockets & Riots - Army Days (1968-1971) (William J. Bowe, Jr. Looks Back at a Tumultuous Time) 2021-05-02 Hamlin Garland - "Veritist" Writer of the Middle Borders by Laura Ferri (Introduction [...]

1981 Julie Anne Bowe Thompson (1931-1981)

Julie Anne Bowe Thompson was the daughter of Augustine Joseph Bowe and Julia Leonie Lecour Bowe. She was born in 1931, three years after her only sibling John Edward Bowe was born. As a young child she often navigated her Chicago block with John in a stroller he had recently outgrown.

The Generations

Editor's Note: In 1959 my aunt Julia Lecour Bowe published The Generations, a scholarly history of her French Pallissard ancestors. She recorded their French past and the American future they made for themselves in the 1850s when some of [...]