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Writings & Clippings

Remarks, Reports, Clippings & Correspondence   1970-12-29 SP-HUM- WJB Remarks as Best Man at Marriage of Larry DuBois 1973-05-03 SP WJB Remarks on Lake Michigan Bill of Rights before Illinois House of Representatives Committee 1973-04-10 SP WJB Remarks [...]

Augustine J. Bowe Obituary

Augustine J. Bowe Obituary ( Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry Augustine Joseph Bowe (1892-1966) Chicago Lawyers and Literature James R. Elkins College of Law || West Virginia University I began law teaching at DePaul [...]

The Impossible Dream – Renaming the Reid Murdoch Building

Unfortunately I got carried away at the end and proposed that the name of the Reid Murdoch Building be changed to the Bowe Building. From the laughter and smirks on the faces of my kin, I could see they hadn’t been persuaded. That night I cried myself to sleep, knowing the Bowe Building would never come to be.

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