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Curriculum Vitae

CURRICULUM VITAE WILLIAM J. BOWE PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. 1986 - 2014, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary Chicago, IL Retired as senior legal and administrative officer of multinational Internet, software and print publisher. Substantial time [...]

John Skura

John Skura Editor's Note:  John Skura in his brief remarks points to a number of parallels between his life and mine, including our service in the military.  John recalls his career in the Naval Intelligence Service and mine [...]

Beth Hanley Dunn

Beth Hanley Dunn Editor's Note:  Beth Hanley Dunn represented the entire Hanley Family, including her brother John Hanley.  In a reminder that the pandemic has some lingering effects as the country tries to get back up on its [...]

Cathy Parish Skura

Cathy Parish Skura Editor's Note: The paternal grandmother of Cathy Parish Skura was, Catherine Canavan Parish, was the 9th of the 13 children born to Anthony Canavan (1822-1890) and Ann Hughes (1818-1899). My paternal grandmother, Ellen Canavan Bowe was [...]

Tony Bowe

Tony Bowe Editor's Note:  Tony Bowe set the birthday party in motion, and earlier had been the first  to encourage a more ambitious attempt at a website broadly of interest to my extended family.  He and his wife [...]

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