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Things Editor's Note: Photos in the Things galleries are always located in particular places, and often have people in and around them, but the main show is always the many of a kind items found in the gallery title. [...]


Places Editor's Note: As the word "Places" suggests, these photo galleries are largely, but not entirely defined by geography. The India or Old Chicago galleries are obvious examples of this. Similarly, any gallery with a street address, such as [...]


People Editor's Note: The website was initially constructed during the Covid-19 virus pandemic that hit in early 2020. My goal was to digitally follow in my mother Mary Gwinn Bowe's analog footsteps. She had begun to catalog the [...]

Chicago Botanic Garden

Chicago Botanic Garden Editor's Note: Sunday brought the Reunion crowd another gorgeous, sunny day. The Buehler Enabling Garden was exclusively set aside for the Canavan Reunion group, as was our exclusive tram tour of the Garden's 385 acres. [...]

Architectural Boat Tour: The Movie

Architectural Boat Tour: The Movie Editor's Note: The first event of the Canavan Family Reunion in 2021 was an exclusive Chicago River tour with a docent with the Chicago Architectural Foundation as our guide. The group assembled early at [...]