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John Skura

John Skura Editor's Note:  John Skura in his brief remarks points to a number of parallels between his life and mine, including our service in the military.  John recalls his career in the Naval Intelligence Service and mine [...]

Walker Johnson

Walker Johnson Editor's Note: I know both architect Walker Johnson as well as his architect son Ben from The Cliff Dwellers club. Walker is a past president of the Club and Ben currently is on its board of directors. [...]

Beth Hanley Dunn

Beth Hanley Dunn Editor's Note:  Beth Hanley Dunn represented the entire Hanley Family, including her brother John Hanley.  In a reminder that the pandemic has some lingering effects as the country tries to get back up on its [...]

Jay Edelston

Jay Edelston Editor's Note: Two years ahead of me in high school were Jay Edelston and his classmates Steve Heineman and John Eshoo. Although my family never owned an automobile, these three did grow up with them. Jay [...]

Cathy Parish Skura

Cathy Parish Skura Editor's Note: The paternal grandmother of Cathy Parish Skura was, Catherine Canavan Parish, was the 9th of the 13 children born to Anthony Canavan (1822-1890) and Ann Hughes (1818-1899). My paternal grandmother, Ellen Canavan Bowe was [...]

Jan Grayson

Jan Grayson Editor's Note:  I got to know Jan Grayson when he and his friend Jon Laing were pursuing their MBA degrees at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.  Founded in 1898, Chicago Booth is the [...]

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