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1989 The Riboud Family in Vieux Moulin, France

1989 The Riboud Family in Vieux Moulin, France Editor's Note: In May, 1989, I was able to join the Riboud Family at their country home outside Paris in Vieux Moulin, France. Present were my Uncle Jacques Riboud, who [...]

2019 Olivia Cosgrave Riboud: Family Memories

In April 2019 Margaret Casey and Mel Winer hosted a party in their Evanston, Illinois home for Olivia, Melissa, Jean Gwinn and Myriam Riboud. A copy of this video was presented and given to the guests of honor by their American cousins.

1979 Mary Gwinn Bowe (1901-1979)

As happened not infrequently in those days, when Mary Gwinn Bowe entered the world in Baltimore, Maryland in 1901, her mother, Mary Roche Gwinn, left it. Her father, Richard Gwinn immediately turned to his mother, Elizabeth Burns Gwinn, for [...]

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