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The Riboud Family during World War II

After the German Army entered Paris on June 21, 1940, the Riboud family fled occupied France for Baltimore, Maryland, Nancy Riboud's childhood home in the United States. Nancy first left for Portugal with her young daughters Chesley and Betsy, and her infant daughter Olivia. Nancy's husband Jacques soon followed, meeting them in Serta, Portugal before sailing on the SS Excalibur for New York.

1934-Chesley is Born and Family Visits

Nancy Gwinn & Jacques Riboud go to a wedding in Paris, welcome the birth of daughter Chesley at 7, Rue Madame, watch Bon Papa work on the Lake Bourget dock, swim, greet Nancy's mother Elizabeth Tack Gwinn and [...]

1933 New York to Paris

Chapter 1 - 00:00 Nancy & Jacques Sail to France from New York Chapter 2 - 02:12 Nancy & Jacques Riboud Apartment at 7, rue Madame, Paris Chapter 3 - 03:27 The Luxembourg Gardens Chapter 4 - 03:52 Jacques [...]