Elizabeth Tack Gwinn (1872-1946)

Mary Gwinn Bowe remembers life with her stepmother and new sisters when visiting 1809 Dixon Hill Road in the Mt. Washington section of Baltimore.——From The Families

My father and stepmother were married October 29, 1907, in the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, New York City. They lived at the St. Paul Apartments in Baltimore.

Betty, their first daughter, was born in New York City at 112 West 82nd Street, the second, Martha, at the St. Paul, and Nancy in their house in Mount Washington, Baltimore at 1809 Dixon Hill Road.

I visited my father and the new family as often as I could and had enormous fun with the three sisters. It was a jolly and a musical household. Though I could never contribute to the singing, I added what levity I could, especially during my years at Trinity when we were never lacking in theatricals and jokes.

I used to enjoy very much going to Lexington Market with Mother or indeed, shopping at all. She not only knew all the strategic stalls and shops, but the interests and family events of all the people with whom she traded. She would have a gift for a new baby or a word of sympathy for the latest misfortune. We would take the streetcar back with a load of Maryland’s freshest, ripest produce.

There and at Mount Washington she was a fine housekeeper and a most kind and affectionate person. I had the happiness and comfort of being her oldest daughter.