Editor’s Note: In the complete 38-minute interview above, Don Thompson answers questions posed by Rob Bowe about Don’s Canadian-born parents, Dr. Willard Owen Thompson and Dr. Phebe Kirsten Thompson. He discusses their pioneering medical careers in clinical practice, research and publishing. He also talks about his Canadian grandparents and his brother Willard’s marriage to Julie Anne Bowe. The latter event brought about the arrival of Willard Owen Thompson III, known as Owen, thereby continuing to the next generation the bond between the Thompson and Bowe families originally forged by Don’s brother Willard. Don also shares his recollections of John and Kathie Bowe, and Rob Bowe’s grandparents, Julia and Gus Bowe. He concludes his interview by saying of Gus, “Look how nice he was to me.”

Below, the full interview is broken up into 17 short clips to permit you to focus on particular parts of Don Thompson’s interview.

1 The Thompson Family Connects with the Bowes

2 Owen (Willard Owen Thompson III) is Born to Willard Owen Thompson, Jr. and Julie Anne Bowe

3 Siblings Willard, Frederic, Nancy and Don Thompson are Born in Boston and Chicago

4 The Medical Careers of Don’s Parents, Dr. Willard Owen Thompson and Dr. Phebe Christianson Thompson

5 Don Thompson’s Canadian Grandparents

6 Spending Time with the Thompson and Bowe Families in Warrenville and Chicago

7 The Thompson Family’s Life in Chicago

8 Julia and Gus Bowe and a Summer Job at Traffic Court

9 Meeting Other Members of the Extended Family

10 Pursuit of a Legal Education and Work at Pleasant Prairie

11 Gus Bowe’s Sudden Death Outside Don’s Apartment Building

12 Stan and Dodie Freborg

13 Lincoln Park and Chicago’s Changing Neighborhoods

14 A Train Wreck at 2431 North Orchard Street

15 Don Recalls the Prejudices of the Times and His Father’s and Gus Bowe Achievements and Salesmanship

16 A Holy Name Funeral with Gus Bowe and Mayor Daley’s Arrival

17 Don on Gus Bowe: “Look How Nice He Was To Me!”