The Skura Family

Editor’s Note: In the summer of 1976, I was visiting my mother Mary Gwinn Bowe at her apartment when Ova Parish dropped by. Ova was accompanied by her daughter Cathy Parish Skura, Cathy’s husband John and their first born, Michael. When I married Cathy Vanselow a few years later Ova, Cathy and John were there to wish us well. When Cathy and I returned to Chicago after two years in Nashville, we made it a practice to have a Christmas party for family at our home in Northbrook. Early on Ova joined us at this event and over the years Cathy and I got to know Cathy and John’s children Carrie, Anna and Eugene, as well as Michael. Although Cathy and I retired from our Christmas hosting duties several years ago, we have enjoyed the Christmas gatherings of late in Park Ridge, where Daisy and Rob Bowe have carried on this tradition. More recently, Cathy, John and Michael Skura and Paty Parish Pitts and Will Parish have all pitched in to help put their family videos, historical records, pictures and documents on the website.