The Gwinn Family Over the Generations

The Gwinn Family Over the Generations2022-04-11T20:29:55+00:00

Editor’s Note: In this short clip I introduce Gwinn family members, beginning with Richard Gwinn, Sr. (1833-1898) and his wife, Elizabeth Agnes Burns (1872-1923). Closer in time to me is my mother’s father, Richard Lawrence Gwinn, Jr. (1867-1932), and his first wife, Mary Agnes Roche (1861-1901). Mary Roche married my grandfather in June 1900, but she died giving birth in early 1901 to my mother, Mary Agnes Gwinn (1901-1979).

Richard Gwinn, Sr & Elizabeth Burns Family c. 1895

My mother was raised and lived throughout her childhood with her father’s mother, Elizabeth Agnes Burns , who my mother always referred to as “Mama.” Richard Gwinn began a second family in 1907 with his marriage to Elizabeth Josephine Tack (1872-1946).

The story of the Gwinn generations includes Richard Gwinn’s Jr.’s children (my mother Mary, and her half sisters, Elizabeth Cosgrave (Betty), Martha Burns, and Nancy (born Ann Chesley) Gwinn). his ancestors, and his siblings Mary Cornelia, Elizabeth Rose, and Thomas Ross Gwinn. The clips conclude with information and stories about the many Casey, Riboud and Bowe families and their descendants that followed.