Paty Parish Pitts and Her Son William Joseph Parish                               on the Parish Family 

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On March 21, 2021, Bill Bowe had a chance to talk in a Zoom interview with Paty Parish Pitts in Texas and her son Will Parish in Florida. Bill had met Will’s father, William Wallace Parish, only once before his untimely death in 2002. Bill talks to Paty about about him and her family and to Will about his career as a Naval Academy graduate, F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot and Foreign Area Officer soon to be posted to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City. The purpose of the interview was to gather bits of Parish family history that might be for interest to their children and other family members over the years.

1 Bill Bowe Set the Stage for His Interview with Paty and Will

2 Paty Explains Her Parents First Met in Medical School in Mexico City

3 Paty’s Parents Begin to Practice Medicine in Río Bravo, Mexico

4 Paty’s Doctor Mother Has A Rio Bravo Medical Horror Story

5 Paty is Born and Spends Early Years Near The Texas Border in Rio Bravo

6 Will Parish Asks about the Dangers in the Rio Bravo Practice

7 Paty Moves to McAllen, Texas in 1959 and Later Temple and Corpus Christi

8 Paty Relates Starting College in San Antonio at a “Nunnery”

9 Paty Meets Bill Parish in 1972 and Has a Rocky 1st Date

10 Bill and Paty Parish Marry in 1974 and Move from San Antonio to Houston

11 Will Parish is Born in 1979

12 Paty Parish Pitts Remembers Bill Parish’s Likes and Dislikes

13 Ova Parish’s Long Distance Relationship with Her Son

14 Bill Parish’s Working Life as a Lawyer

15 Bill Parish and Evolution of the Parish Bank in Momence, IL