2001-05-27 Anna Victoria Skura Family Index and Parish-Skura Album and Genealogy

Editor’s Note: During high school, Anna Victoria Skura, a Parish family descendant, completed her assignment. To create her family index she researched:

  • all known locations in the United States they have lived in;
  • all occupations they have pursued;
  • all religions they have practiced;
  • all nationality groups that represented in her family; and
  • all political affiliations; and

In doing her research for her Genealogy of the Parish-Skura Families, Family History Narrative and Photo Album she interviewed her parents, John and Catherine Parish Skura and consulted:

  • Vital Records;
  • Photographs;
  • Family Bibles;
  • Letters;
  • Diaries; and
  • Family Genealogies.

If her teachers didn’t give her an “A” on this assignment, they should be taken behind the woodshed.