Photo Archive Search

Note: There is a powerful search feature for the Photo Archive, particularly for anyone around me when I had a camera. Enter your name or another search term below and click on the search button. Then give the search engine a while to work its magic. You can check out the A-Z SUBJECT INDEX to see the full list of the 2,600+ individuals pictured in the Archive.

Set the A-Z Subject Index to a Two-Page View for Easy A-Z Scrolling
To do so, click on the page icon on the lower right by the red triangle. See Visual.

Using Keywords and Name Tags

When the search engine takes your search term and finishes grinding through the more than 85,000 photos in the Archive, it will return a gallery with all the photos containing captions or keywords using that search term.  Note in the upper left corner of this found gallery you have further powerful search options.  For instance, if your search term was “riboud” this information will appear in the upper left of the gallery of returned “riboud” photos:

In a gallery created with “riboud” as a search term, if you click on a Combine with keyword like “bowe” a new subset of the “riboud” gallery will be created containing only those photos which contain both the keywords “riboud” and “bowe”.

Narrow Searches with Abbreviated Name Tags:  “liv”
Putting Olivia Riboud’s name tag “liv” in quotation marks will return 535 photos with Olivia Riboud in them. Using liv without quotation marks will instead return an additional 1253 with captions or keywords containing terms like “Livengood” or “living”.