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Governance & Leadership

Governance & Leadership Editor's Note: Giving short shrift to being remembered, John Ashcroft offers his view of what governance is all about, and the leadership qualities of Washington, Lincoln, King and other Americans who are remembered for calling fellow [...]

The Hospital Showdown

The Hospital Showdown Editor's Note: In March 2004, then U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft was rushed to a Washington, D.C. hospital for emergency gallbladder surgery. During his incapacitation, James Comey, then Deputy Attorney General, became Acting Attorney General. As [...]

Risky Business

David Minge, a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Minnesota, asked his classmate about ending life as a fugitive.


In answering a question about what influences brought about the trajectory of her life, Bernadine alludes to the consequences of her actions:


One of the questions Bernadine Dohrn addressed was whether she thought the self-righteous way in which her goals were pursued produced a populist blowback that's tearing apart our country today.

Liberty & Tolerance

Liberty & Tolerance Editor's Note: The last question posed to John Ashcroft was put by his classmate David Goldberger. Serving for many years as Legal and Legislative Director of the American Civil Liberties Union Illinois Division, David finished [...]

John Elson on Circumspect Law Students

John Elson on Circumspect Law Students John Elson is in a good position to assess today's "Circumspect Law Students," because he remembers being a student himself, and he's been immersed in a sea of their ilk all his [...]