A sample of the galleries you will find here include

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Editor’s Note: As the word “Places” suggests, these photo galleries are all partially defined by geography. The Foreign Travel Galleries and the Old Chicago gallery are mostly about location. However, the The Cliff Dwellers, Homes, Workplaces and Schools galleries, while all related to specific locations, are notably full of family members, co-workers and classmates. In the Workplaces group for example are the University of Chicago Law School, which I attended from 1964-67, and Encyclopaedia Britannica, where I worked as Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary between 1986 and 2014 .

While composition of photos was always in mind, in the forefront for me was always the more immediate goal of recording my meanderings near and far in an encyclopedic way.

This bent is particularly noticeable when I was traveling out and about for business or pleasure in Chicago, I usually took my camera with me. With it I repeatedly photographed constants in my immediate landscape. One example of this is the many pictures I took of Encyclopaedia Britannica’s bell tower and globe on top of 310 South Michigan Avenue. Another example is Britannica’s clocktower and sign at its later 325, now 331, North LaSalle Street location.

Most but not all of these photos were taken by me. Some were taken by my mother or her family and others were downloaded from the internet. An example of the former is the 14 Rue Georges Mandel gallery. The Old Chicago gallery is an example of the latter. In keeping with my personal convention, I always tried to estimate a date for the caption when I could not find an exact reference to when the photograph was taken. Usually in these cases I gave it a 6/1/, 9/1/ or 3/1 year date to mark it as approximate.

These Photo Archives are currently growing as I pull related categories of photos from the digital shoebox created over the years.