• Recruitment as a General Counsel Rod MacArthur at my wedding 1979 Roan & Grossman had grown modestly in the 1970s. I was made a partner sooner than many of my law school peers in large law firms, notwithstanding my three- year absence in the Army. I’d sometimes get antsy when business slowed down and I didn’t [...]

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  • University of Chicago Law School Building

    Legal Training University of Chicago Law School I had only been at Ross, Hardies 11 months before I left for the Army. When I left the Army, I was convinced I’d forgotten whatever it was I might have learned in law school or Ross Hardies. As I started the new chapter of my working life at [...]

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  • Hiring Lawyers I also got my first taste at Bradford in managing litigation outside the United States. Bradford’s collector’s plates were usually made from isolated kaolin clay deposits in China, Japan, and Europe. With application of artwork applied, they were then fired in limited, numbered volumes and delivered to Bradford in the U.S. for sale around the world. [...]

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  • Copyright and Trademark Mastery The marketing of collector’s plates involved a good deal of intellectual property law. The plate designs were mostly protected by copyright laws that prevented the artistic work from being copied. Bradford had created a magazine concerned with the hobby. Its content needed copyright protection, too. The was done with filings in the Copyright Office [...]

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  • Hammacher-Schlemmer     Hammacher-Schlemmer 147 E. 57th St., New York, NY As I began work for Bradford in 1979, Rod MacArthur was directly engaged in the management of the company, but he was increasingly spending his nine to five hours doing other things, including working on his growing dispute with his fellow directors of the Foundation. [...]

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  • Bradford Then and Now Hammacher's New York City flagship store Rod MacArthur had primarily bought Hammacher to expand its mail order catalog business. Founded in 1848, Hammacher remains America’s oldest running catalog. Before long, he had added to Hammacher’s sole retail operation retail stores on Chicago’s “Magnificent Mile” on Michigan Avenue and on tony Rodeo Drive [...]

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  • J. Roderick ("Rod") MacArthur at Bill Bowe's 1979 wedding to Cathy Vanselow