Deirdre McCloskey At The Cliff Dwellers

Editor’s Note: Deirdre McCloskey’s engagement with the The Cliff Dwellers over the last 20 years has been a deep one. She has given talks, served on the board of directors, and most importantly to my mind, she has enlivened and enriched the conversations at the Members’ Table. She brought to the Table an uncommonly broad range of knowledge and humane values and combined that with a love of both serious and not so serious conversation. This has meant that whenever members have finished a conversation with Deirdre at the Members’ Table, they’ve left both entertained and wiser than when they sat down.

Early in the New Year, a farewell lunch was held for Deirdre as she prepared to leave Chicago to join The Cato Institute in Washington, DC. This short slideshow featuring Deirdre was shown at the 116th Annual Members Meeting to further celebrate Deirdre’s 20 years as a Club member.