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The Riots & Rockets Book Launch At The Cliff Dwellers

On March 22, 2024, family and friends, and a host of Members of The Cliff Dwellers, gathered at the Club to celebrate the publication on Amazon of Riots & Rockets, William J. Bowe's memoir of his Army days during the riotous 1960s and '70s, Chicago politics in the 1970s, and his lawyering life dealing with collectors' plates and foundations, the newswire service United Press International, and Encyclopaedia Britannica in the Digital Age.

Law School to Army Intelligence Training (1967-1968)

Law School to Army Intelligence Training (1967-1968) In talking about his post college years with Tony Bowe, Bill Bowe recalls how the Vietnam War and the draft began to change the student environment in both colleges and law schools.  [...]